About Cross-Stitch Vienna

Cross-Stitch Vienna is a passion project created by an individual who really needed a crafts project to escape the turmoil of 2020. It was established on the 5th of January, 2021.

Initially, CSV provided free counted cross-stitch patterns for those, who need a creative and offline distraction. Now, CSV offers memberships and member-exclusive patterns on top of free gothic cross-stitch patterns.

CSV is based in Vienna, Austria, which inspired the name of the website.

In short:

Cross-Stitch Vienna offers Gothic Counted Cross-Stitch Patterns for the Wicked Ones 🖤. The theme: mostly dark and morbid, but decidedly on the cute side!

The Prologue

Once upon a time, there was a person. She lived in a world plagued by fear and anxiety. She struggled with her own issues already and did not need more thank you very much. She wanted to escape. If not physically, then into her imagination. So she searched for that escape. And searched and searched. And finally, she found… She found…