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ko-fi Members Only – Black Widow II Cross-Stitch Pattern (No Bodies No Worries Series)

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Tempus fugit, amor manet. 

She thought he will come back to live an eternal life by her side. But the spell…

She did everything right, as she had been taught. 

She woke up as the sun blinked for the first time. She slipped on her dress – the same one she wore the day they met. And then she danced – she danced her pain, her hope, her love out. She danced because him coming into aliveness depended on it.

The candlelight, just like her, was trembling in the damp, dark cellar giving off a weak glow. She was grateful for any warmth nonetheless. 

She meticulously arranged rose petal after rose petal on the table clad in black satin. She whispered the incantation over and over; her chapped lips desperately pushed the words out as the tall candles grew smaller by the minute. As the silence grew unbearably heavy. 

Tempus fugit, amor manet. Time flees, love stays. Not this time.

The spell has lost its pull.

I want to give lots of love to creators sharing their talents with the world on @pixabay and @pexels.

Beautiful music by @dreamprotocol / sounds by visions68 and ladyimperatrix.
Videos by @padrinan @cottonbro @layzowlstock @TheWhySteve @thirdman94 @enginakyurt (not all vids got used but honestly, chapeau!)

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