ko-fi Members Only – Check the Crevices Cross-Stitch Pattern

The first time I watched “Crevices” (すきま, Sukima), directed by Norio Tsuruta, must have been at uni. Someone really into obscure, weird stories and movies was having a love affair with Asian horror movies. Eventually, they stumbled upon Dark Tales of Japan (日本のこわい夜, Nihon no Kowai Yoru) is a 2004 made-for-TV film anthology of five short horror stories. Crevices were part of the collection, and it scared me shitless. The reason being the horror took place during the day – and it must have been the first time when I watched a scary story that played out in daylight. Thus the illusion of safety lent by sunlight was shattered.

Sukima-onna is a Japanese urban legend about a Yōkai who peeks at you through any gap. If you make eye contact with her, she asks to play hide and seek with you. Tip: carry duct tape with you everywhere. This pattern is a tribute to one of my favourite short horror stories from Japan. Enjoy!

And if you are interested in Asian urban legends, a kind Redditor put together two long posts: Comprehensive list of Asian urban legend movies – Part #1 & Part #2.

This is a CSV members only Pattern.

You can watch “Crevices” episode on YouTube:

Parti I – https://youtu.be/YyUMc8shwg0?t=289
Part II – https://youtu.be/GRDs813Rkdk