Cross-Stitch Vienna is on Ko-Fi

Cross-Stitch Vienna is on Ko-Fi

First of all: Cross-Stitch Vienna has officially clocked 60 pattern downloads!!!

No Oscar speeches just now but I am absolutely thrilled that people are interested in the things I made.

I was asked by one person if I ever plan to charge for the patterns. I don’t. CSV is a passion project and I do not intend to sell patterns. Maybe in the future, there will be something special as a one-off thing, but I will definitely continue designing and offering free cross-stitch patterns to anyone, who wants to download them from CSV!

However, I was encouraged to still create a way for some to support it or to show gratitude. This is why Cross-Stitch Vienna is now on Ko-fi!

I don’t plan to push it too much – I will include a banner to my Ko-fi page on every posted pattern download page for those, who would like to contribute.

Stay safe, cross-stitch, and spread good energy <3

Cross-Stitch Vienna

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