ko-fi Members Only โ€“ Horror Junkie Cross-Stitch Pattern

You are alone in your house. You made yourself a nice cup of tea. The air is full of night. Silence reigns.

How do you know that the proverbial shit is about to hit the proverbial fan?

Listen out for the jarring noise of screen static.

The Snowy Screen of Death is a well-known horror trope used to signal – sometimes explicitly, sometimes gently in the background – that paranormal activity is…well, active.

My favourite horror, where TV is used as a terror device in such a way, is the original Japanese Ringu (1998).

The same trope was prominent in the American remake, The Ring, famous for being one of few American remakes of foreign language movies that did not suck.

The Horror Junkie pattern is an offering of admiration and a callback to the late 90s/ early 2000s horror movies that relied on simple but somehow scary tropes to amplify the atmosphere of fear.

I added a bloody hand imprint to signal that the murder had taken place – and that the killer was an airhead who forgot to turn off the TV before abandoning the cooling body of their latest victim.

The pattern features my famous Murder Alphabet cross-stitch alphabet.

This is a CSV members only Pattern.