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How to read a Cross-Stitch Vienna cross-stitch pattern chart

How to read a Cross-Stitch Vienna cross-stitch pattern chart

Anatomy of a Cross-Stitch Chart

  1. This is the list of all floss colours needed for the pattern. The symbol in the first column from the left (overlaying the coloured cells) represents the colour on a symbol-only chart.
  2. Strands – indicates the number of strands of the floss used for the design. Typically, you use two.
  3. Length – indicates how many skeins (one skein = one bundle of six-strand embroidery floss) you need for the design.
  4. Stitches – indicates the total amount of stitches for each colour.
  5. B/Sindicates backstitches. The entire section where there are only three columns is related to the backstitch. The number of strands used for backstitch in this chart is given next to the thread code in brackets (2 str. = 2 strands). Skeins indicate the length of thread needed for the backstitch.
  6. One skein = one bundle of six-strand embroidery floss
  7. All of my patterns – unless stated otherwise – are designed on 14 Count Aida Fabric size. This list provides three size options for the three most popular Aida canvases. The higher the Aida fabric’s count (stitches per inch), the smaller the final pattern.

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* Cross-stitch Vienna charts are “free for personal use” only. What does that mean? Find out what you can do with patterns designed by Cross-Stitch Vienna here. *