ko-fi Members Only โ€“ Black Widow III Cross-Stitch Pattern (No Bodies No Worries Series)

This is a CSV members only Pattern.

Perfidy. A deliberate breach of faith.

A woman engulfed in her first and true love spends her days reading tome after tome of mystery novels. Through a serendipitous encounter, she uncovers an old letter that leads her down a labyrinth of hidden passages in her future husband’s home. Soon, an exciting mystery turns into a path of thorns as she learns that everyone around her has been playing a cruel game – a game in which she had been involuntarily cast as one of the lowly pawns. She is forced to stay with the escape routes cut off a long time ago.

Will she find the strength to learn the rules and join the race for the ultimate prize or will the perfidy of her loved ones inevitably break her spirit?

Coming to a theatre near you soon.


Video credits: Beautiful music by @HarumachiMusic / Laughter sound effect by Kalibrk / Videos by @cottonbro and Matthias_Groeneveld