Terms & Conditions

Short & Sweet – Highlights:


  • Stitch a cross-stitch based on my patterns for yourself or someone you care about.
  • Stitch a cross-stitch based on my patterns and decide to sell it. I am talking about an occasional sale. More than one? Please see below.


  • Share my patterns as downloadable PDFs anywhere. Please link to the pattern page instead.
  • Assume ownership of my patterns once downloaded. For example, adjusting the patterns as you like and sharing the amended version; printing patterns out to distribute them, or mass-sending PDFs over to your friends or cross-stitch circles.
  • Create your own version of my patterns that you sell. My patterns are free for personal use but still considered intellectual property and protected by copyright. Derivatives – that visibly imitate my work (= visual expression of a topic) and sold by another designer are in breach of copyright.
  • Create a business that sells multiple items cross-stitched from my patterns. In such cases, we can come up with a licensing agreement.

1. Copyrights and other rights

The website is the exclusive property of Cross-Stitch Vienna. All content on the website, including but not limited to documentation, text, sound, videos, banners, images, graphics, PDFs, and patterns, are created and owned by Cross-Stitch Vienna. This website – and by extension, the channels where the creations by Cross-Stich Vienna are hosted – are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

Use of the website in whole or in part, in particular by means of downloading, reproduction, transmission or representation for purposes other than personal and private non-commercial use, is strictly prohibited.

Cross-Stitch Patterns offered on the website or Ko-fi count as original creations protected by copyright. I do not permit distribution or republishing or sale or any form of unauthorised exploitation of my cross-stitch patterns and designs. This covers original designs as well as derivatives with elements recognisable and unique to Cross-Stitch Vienna.

I am based in Vienna, Austria, and follow the legislation in this country.

2. Personal use & exclusions

The patterns I share on Cross-Stitch Vienna and Ko-fi are for personal use only. This pertains to patterns! Products (cross-stitch, clothes, accessories) with my patterns stitched by you can be sold 🙂

But please consider crediting me as the creator of the pattern: Pattern by Cross-Stitch Vienna www.crossstitchvienna.at (online or in the information resource attached to the physical product).

If you choose to create multiple pieces based on my patterns (free or ko-fi exclusives) or in fact make a business of stitching these designs serially, we can discuss an agreement that allows you to do so, such as licensing fee. Please, reach out to me via this contact form.

3. Hypertext links

Hypertext links to the website may be included without prior written consent from CSV. CSV shall not be held liable or responsible for the contents of any sites which link to its website.

4. Downloading patterns from CSV

By downloading patterns from Cross-Stitch Vienna and accepting the Terms & Conditions listed here, you also acknowledge you understand the privacy policy of Cross-Stitch Vienna.

5. Questions? Contact me!

I will be happy to answer any of your questions. Shoot me a message here.