Where to Buy Cross-stitch Supplies in Vienna, Austria?

Where to Buy Cross-stitch Supplies in Vienna, Austria?

If you are tired of supporting Amazon and whatnots, here’s a list of places in Vienna, Austria, which sell cross-stitch supplies. Get your hoops and thread locally!

Needle Arts in Vienna

There are plenty of tiny stores with a long tradition of supporting needlework and needle artists in Vienna. The list below, sorted alphabetically, will try to reflect the cross-stitch supplies you can get from these stores. Some places are not typical sewing supplies stores – they just happen to have threads or embroidery hoops. I added them here because it’s good to have them in your back pocket.

Buy Cross Stitch Supplies in Vienna

All basic cross-stitch supplies = means cross-stitch needles, thread, embroidery hoops, and cloth. Basically, enough in terms of supplies to get you started or stocked up with the regular cx necessities.

🪡 Bastelecke Ing. Andreas Rajecky GmbH. – all basic cross-stitch supplies plus cross-stitch kits. A very well-stocked DIY and sewing store. It just has some random opening hours and no option for online ordering. But it is absolute heaven and I would love to live here.

Address: Hütteldorfer Str. 87, 1150 Wien

🪡 Das Handarbeitsgeschaeft und Stoffgeschäft Wien mit 24-Stunden Onlineshop – a recent discovery! All basic cross-stitch supplies plus cross-stitch kits and sooo much fabric to choose from!

Address: Schlachthausgasse 35/Geschäftslokal, Top 1, 1030 Wien / Can also buy online https://dashandarbeitsgeschaeft.at/

🪡 Gerti’s Nähstube / Wollgeschäft / Änderungsschneiderei / Handstrick – all basic cross-stitch supplies plus cross-stitch kits. Extremely helpful sellers 🙂

Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 86/1, 1030 Wien

🪡 HEMA – you can get assorted thread packs here for sure, but the rest is really a hit and miss. Visit the stores in Vienna to see what they sell. https://www.hema.com/de-de/hobby-freizeit/handarbeiten-basteln/sticken

🪡 Hernalser Nähecke – all basic cross-stitch supplies. Ran by a very charming lady, who is happy to help.

Address: Hernalser Hauptstraße 123, 1170 Wien

🪡 Jakob Komolka KG – threads and needles, embroidery hoops. The store is aimed at sewing and has a huuuge selection of fabrics, buttons, and such.

Address: Mariahilfer Str. 58, 1070 Wien and Laxenburger Str. 73, 1100 Wien

🪡 Karl Peter’s Söhne – a cute old store on Neubagasse. All basic cross-stitch supplies and some old-fashioned cross-stitch kits.

Address: Neubaugasse 11, 1070 Wien

🪡 Knöpfe – Nähzubehör & Handarbeiten – all basic cross-stitch supplies.

Address: Lederergasse 2, 1080 Wien / Can also buy online https://knoepfe-wien.com/

🪡 Reginas Nähzubehör und Änderungsschneiderei – all basic cross-stitch supplies plus cross-stitch kits. The first store in Vienna I got my supplies from and I absolutely love it!

Address: Leopoldsgasse 45, 1020 Wien – Beim Karmelitermarkt / You can also order online https://www.reginas-naehzubehoer.at/

🪡 Sewing Center Egelwolf – you will get threads, as well as needles and sewing accessories here. They also sell beautiful wooden sewing storage boxes.

Address: Reithofferpl. 14, 1150 Wien

🪡 TEDi – TEDi (short for Top Euro Discount) is a chain of stores in 8 countries around Europe, including Austria. They sell everyday items and foods with a long shelf-life. In addition to household, party, DIY and electrical items, it also includes stationery and toys as well as drugstore and cosmetic products. There are also seasonal items. TEDi was brought to life by the Tengelmann Group with the idea of ​​offering the one-dollar shop concept in Germany as well and this is exactly what you get – affordable products. The quality is not top-notch, but the few embroidery hoops I got from TEDi are of pretty good quality for the price of 1 Euro per hoop. https://www.tedi.com/at/produkte/

Address: Multiple all over Vienna. Search for TEDi on Google Maps.

🪡 Thalia Wien – Mariahilfer Straße – if you go to the -1 level, you will find some DIY supplies, including small cross-stitch kits, some small Aida packs, embroidery hoops (triangular ones, as well as oblong ones!), thread, and a mix of kits. This is not something they carry in large quantities.

Address: Mariahilfer Str. 99, 1060 Wien

Karl Peter’s Söhne on Neubagasse.
Hernalser Nähecke – all basic cross-stitch supplies. Ran by a very charming lady, who is happy to help.

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