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Why YOU Should Support CSV on ko-fi

If you wonder why you should ever spend your hard-earned money on supporting Cross-Stitch Vienna on ko-fi, wonder no more! Here are 5 juicy reasons why you should tip a digital creator like me on ko-fi.

Short and snappy summary:

  1. You get lifetime access to exclusive cross-stitch patterns > See all ko-fi gifts
  2. You get early access to selected cross-stitch patterns > ko-fi Early Access
  3. You get access to pattern previews – up to one month before they drop!
  4. You get to support a content creator & do something nice ๐Ÿ™‚

1) Lifetime Access to Exclusive Cross-Stitch Patterns – some patterns are for ko-fi supporters only!

You get to cross-stitch some supporter-only patterns! And for every coffee – which currently costs 5 EUR as baseline (recession, yo) – you get lifetime access to the secret cross-stitch patterns stash.

2) ko-fi Early Access – You receive access to some patterns ahead of the rest of the tribe!

ko-fi Early Access means that selected patterns will be placed in a secret cross-stitch patterns stash, which is accessible to everyone, who has previously tipped me on ko-fi. The patterns will remain in the stash for some time and then will be released to all CSV followers. See the current Early Access Patterns here>

3) I post pattern previews on my ko-fi page.

I only post pattern previews on ko-fi. You will see what’s in the pipeline so you can plan your cross-stitch projects! Make sure to follow me on ko-fi to see the notifications ๐Ÿ™‚

4) You are supporting a content creator.

Cross-Stitch Vienna was created with a clear intention to share free digital patterns with morbid flavours with those, that want to create with their own gnarly hands.

You can imagine (perhaps you have been here yourself before?) what it means to a creator to see someone appreciating their work. Especially when sometimes the Internet feels like a deep well that we all shout into and do not get any response. I suspect I do not see a lot of things that happen with my work because the Internet is vast and the culture of crediting authors is somehow diminishing โ€“ this makes any direct feedback ten times better. Thank you for making me feel seen and special <3 Thank you for clicking on the button and going over to ko-fi to support me. Thank you for going the extra mile.

Don’t know how to read a cross-stitch chart? Read this guide.

* Cross-stitch Vienna charts are “free for personal use” only. What does that mean? Find out what you can do with patterns designed by Cross-Stitch Vienna here. *

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