CUNT โ€“ Free Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern

CUNT โ€“ Free Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern

If you are a fan of subversive cross-stitch patterns, I invite you to try out my free ‘Cunt cross-stitch pattern’. Reclaim the word that is wielded by those, who like to verbally hurt women, and turn it into a badge of honour! By the way, casual cunting is part of every healthy relationship, says Micky Flanagan. Eventually.

Cross-Stitch Vienna - Finished Free Cross-Stitch Pattern Cunt
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Keywords: Floral Cunt, Mature, Sassy, Snarky, Adult, Inappropriate, Flowers, Vintage Style, Subversive, Offensive, Swear words

Patterns – Useful Info

The pattern is designed on 14 Count Aida Fabric size.

The higher the Aida fabric’s count (stitches per inches), the smaller the final pattern.

How to read the chart table:

No. indicates total number of stitches for each floss colour.

Length indicates how many skeins (one skein = one bundle of six-strand embroidery floss) you need for the design.

Strands indicate number of strands of the floss used for the design. Typically, you use two.

B/S value indicates backstitches.

My designs cannot be sold or distributed on platforms other than without my explicit permission. I own the copyright to the design and I do not permit any use, reproduction, re-publishing, or any type of exploitation of my designs without my consent.

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