CUNT โ€“ Free Counted Cross-Stitch Pattern

C**T Cross-Stitch Pattern
C**T Cross-Stitch Pattern

A very rude pattern.

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Published: January 21, 2021

Pattern info

14 ct 74×32 Stitches (13,4 x 5,8 cm) (5,3 x 2,3 in.)
16 ct 74×32 Stitches (11,7 x 5,1 cm) (4,6 x 2,0 in.)
18 ct 74×32 Stitches (10,4 x 4,5 cm) (4,1 x 1,8 in.)

Pattern Keeper Compatible

This chart has been tested and verified to work with Pattern Keeper by the designer. Cross-Stitch Vienna is not affiliated with Pattern Keeper. Please note that Pattern Keeper does not currently support backstitch reading! You will need to follow the PDF for the backstitch guide.

If you are a fan of subversive cross-stitch patterns, I invite you to try out my free ‘Cunt cross-stitch pattern’. Reclaim the word that is wielded by those who like to hurt women verbally and turn it into a badge of honour!

By the way, casual cunting is part of every healthy relationship, says Micky Flanagan. Eventually.