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“I also know”, said Candide, “that we must cultivate our garden.”

“You are right,” said Pangloss, “for when man was put in the Garden of Eden, he was put there ut operaretur eum, to work; which proves that man was not born to rest.”

“Let us work without reasoning,” said Martin, “it is the only way to make life endurable.”

All the little society entered into this laudable plan; each one began to exercise his talents. The little piece of land produced much. True, Cunégonde was very ugly; but she became and excellent pastry cook; Paquette embroidered; the old woman took care of the linen. No one, not even Friar Giroflée, failed to perform some service; he was a very good carpenter, and even became an honorable man; and Pangloss sometimes said to Candide: “All events are linked together in the best of all possible worlds. for after all, if you had not been expelled from a fine castle with great kicks in the backside for love of Mademoiselle Cunégonde, if you had not been subjected to the Inquisition, if you had not traveled about America on foot, if you had not given the Baron a great blow with your sword, if you had not lost all your sheep from the good country of Eldorado, you would not be here eating candied citrons and pistachios.”

“That is well said,” replied Candide, “but we must cultivate our garden.”

She closed the book with a sigh. How right did Candide’s words rang in her head!

She looked outside through the open window, enjoying the faint freeze that swayed the trees in the garden. Orange, red, and yellow crowned her garden, making the small cemetery appear almost poetic. Autumn was in full swing.

She looked down on the book, “Candide” by Voltaire. A gift from her late husband. A smile blossomed on her lips and slowly made its way into her eyes. She felt her face relax into the happiness she suddenly felt inside.

Her loving gaze searched and found the newest addition to the patch of land she dedicated to her lost lovers.

“Thank you, my love,” she said out loud. “Thank you for allowing me to cultivate my garden.”

Pattern info

14 ct 63×56 Stitches (11,4 x 10,2 cm) (4,5 x 4,0 in.)
16 ct 63×56 Stitches (10,0 x 8,9 cm) (3,9 x 3,5 in.)
18 ct 63×56 Stitches (8,9 x 7,9 cm) (3,5 x 3,1 in.)

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