Forever Mine I – Homemade Love Potion Cross-Stitch Pattern

Pattern info

14 ct 38×54 Stitches (6,9 x 9,8 cm) (2,7 x 3,9 in.)
16 ct 38×54 Stitches (6,0 x 8,6 cm) (2,4 x 3,4 in.)
18 ct 38×54 Stitches (5,4 x 7,6 cm) (2,1 x 3,0 in.)

Pattern Keeper Compatible

This chart has been tested and verified to work with Pattern Keeper by the designer. Cross-Stitch Vienna is not affiliated with Pattern Keeper. Please note that Pattern Keeper does not currently support backstitch reading! You will need to follow the PDF for the backstitch guide.

Welcome to the new series of morbid cross-stitch patterns: Forever Mine – a spinoff of Black Widow charts of murder paraphernalia wielded by the heartbroken.

The first pattern, Homemade Love Potion, tells you all you need to know about the series’ vibe. We are thirsty for love at all cost. In our untethered chase after the One, we dip our shaky fingers into the forbidden magic of our ancestors. The art of love potions brews (sic!) controversy but we do not fear the scorn. The first breath of love is the last breath of reason.

In the Middle Ages, extracts from nightshades such as Atropa belladonna commonly known as belladonna or deadly nightshade were used to make supposed love potions. However, the experimental brews usually led to hallucinations in the best case scenario and death in the worst. But let’s not focus on the failures but on possibilities.

Enjoy this pattern!