ko-fi Supporters Only – Dung Beetle Cross-Stitch Pattern

Dung beetles are absolute heroes.

  1. Dung beetles can roll and push balls of shite that are even 50 times heavier than the dung beetles themselves.
  2. The American Institute of Biological Sciences reports that dung beetles save the United States cattle industry an estimated US$380 million annually through burying above-ground livestock feces. (source: Wikipedia)
  3. Dung beetles embrace their shitty job and this sentence tells it all: “With so many dung beetles vying for the same pile of poop, a beetle needs to make a quick getaway once he’s rolled his dung ball. But it’s not easy to roll a ball of poop in a straight line, especially when you’re pushing your ball from behind using your hind legs. So the first thing the dung beetle does is climb atop his sphere and orient himself.” (source: ThoughtCo)

Listen, life has been different shades of shit. Even worse since the pandemic started. But there is no shit we humans cannot endure. We can roll that crap that life hands us willy-nilly at every corner and roll it into a cosy ball of shit.

I believe in you because you are a fighter.

CONCLUSION: we should all be like dung beetles.

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