The Gothic Cross-Stitch Thread Inventory (Google Sheets Version) – DMC and Anchor Threads Inventory

About The Gothic Cross-Stitch Thread Inventory

The Gothic Cross-Stitch Thread Inventory was designed to keep your sanity hat on when the floss devours more and more of your money. It’s a sweet exchange but, by gods, so treacherous when the mind craves more thread!

[ 👁 View my personal sheet here 👁 – please note formulas will not work as this is a published non-editable version of my sheet: CLICK HERE TO OGLE ]

  • A How-to sheet. It explains how to use the inventory
  • A DMC threads inventory with a quick search function. It lists:
    • Mouliné Spécial – Six-strand embroidery floss (483 colours),
    • Mouliné Spécial Coloris/Variegated (18 colours),
    • Mouliné Effet Lumière / Mouliné Light Effects (36 colours),
    • Mouliné Color Variations (36 colours),
    • Mouliné Étoile (35 colours),
    • Mouliné Satin (35 colours),
    • Mouliné Coloris (24 colours),
    • and Eco Vita (60 colours).
  • An Anchor threads inventory with a quick search function. It lists:
    • The Anchor chart lists Anchor Stranded Cotton Solid – Six-strand embroidery floss (444 colours)
    • and Anchor Soft Embroidery (20 colours).
  • An inventory template. So you can create an inventory of whatever else you have in your stash.
  • A DMC <> Anchor conversion sheet for the main 6-strand ranges
    • The conversion sheet shows you stock for each thread number.
    • Each floss has a link to its respective cell in the main inventory (DMC or Anchor).
    • Some colours have more than one conversion – these were also listed.
    • Some colours don’t have official conversion – recommendations were added and marked as such.

Designed as a Google Sheets document first and foremost. (Although you can download it as an Excel – please note that there might be formatting or formula issues if you do – this document was designed to live in your Google Drive).

Mobile version. The Inventory is accessible on mobile using Google Drive and the Google Sheets app. It’s a large sheet, so the experience will differ from on a desktop, but if you need to do a quick check when shopping, it’s super easy to open one of the Google apps and look at your current stock.

Available offline. If you are using Google Chrome and Google Drive or the Google Sheets app, you can make the Inventory available offline, thus cheating the system like the saucy rebel you are!

You pay once (a price of two coffees here in Vienna) and get lifetime access – simply bookmark the original sheet to view it any time. Please note that once you set up your own copy of the sheet on your Google Drive, it becomes detached from the master version – any changes made to the master sheet are not going to be pushed to your copy.

Future work will concern fixes (mistakes happen, apologies!) or adding more features. You can contribute to the development of this sheet by submitting an issue report or suggestions for improvement via the support form (linked from the Inventory).

Returns policy

This is a digital item that you get an access link to – I cannot revoke individual access links. I also have no guarantee that an item is truly removed when it’s digital. I am sorry, but no refunds will be made after the purchase. Terms and Conditions & copyright info:

If you are unhappy with the purchase, please message me via ko-fi from your buyer account so we can find a solution.