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14 ct 62×51 Stitches (11,2 x 9,3 cm) (4,4 x 3,6 in.)
16 ct 62×51 Stitches (9,8 x 8,1 cm) (3,9 x 3,2 in.)
18 ct 62×51 Stitches (8,7 x 7,2 cm) (3,4 x 2,8 in.)

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The idea of a loading bar, where the usual “battery” or bar shape was replaced with an outline of a coffin, came to me recently. You probably have noticed that Memento Mori is a common thread in many of my patterns.

Death fascinates me. It doesn’t scare me. It worries me, but only because I know death can be hard on the living.

I do not think it’s creepy to think about your last will, putting your affairs in order, planning for when you are not here at 30.

By the way, I had this conversation with someone recently. I think “creepy” does not apply here – “here” being the reality of life.

For some, the natural process of ageing and leaving the mortal realm are uncomfortable to think about.

But bringing up the finish line never spoils the journey – for me, it’s the opposite. It makes me want to enjoy the life I have now.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern! Available on my ko-fi now.

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