Announcing New Ko-Fi Membership Tier I

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Hello, Friends and Enemies!

If you follow me on Ko-fi or Instagram, you know that what used to be the Secret Stash for Ko-fi supporters was compromised when the supporter-only password was shared by someone. This forced me to rethink the reward system for supporters.

And today is the first day of the new chapter!!

I am pleased to introduce you to the first Membership Tier on my Ko-fi:

In Anita Blake’s universe, a pomme de sang, or “apple of blood”, refers to a person who has agreed to feed a vampire regularly.

This tier is for those that want to contribute a small, replenishable amount every month.

In return, you will get access to the following Member-only benefit:

🩸 Supporter-only posts on ko-fi with news, updates, and pattern previews

🩸 Access to the Beloved Black Widow Cross-Stitch Series – this is a ko-fi only series, an extension of the famous No Body No Crime (NBNC) and No Bodies No Worries (NBNW) patterns by Cross-Stitch Vienna

🩸 1 New Member Exclusive Pattern per Month

🩸 Ko-fi Early Access patterns (at least 1 per month)

🩸 Morbid Phone wallpapers to tie you over until the next pattern release

Want to join? Click on the button below, and let’s go:

ALSO! Make sure you’ve logged in to access membership perks.

Obscenely yours,

Cross-Stitch Vienna

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